Extending, Automating and Integrating QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress is the most powerful and versatile page layout and design software on the market — and by extending it, you can make it even more powerful.

There are three main reasons to extend QuarkXPress:

  • You may need to add additional functionality that is specific to your business with a QuarkXPress XTension. See list of XTensions below.
  • You may want to automate some aspect of QuarkXPress at an individual level to increase productivity with AppleScript. Learn more.
  • You may want to implement enterprise dynamic publishing capabilities to provide a design foundation to non-designers who need access to rich, branded layouts — or add enterprise-wide automation and collaboration to your publishing process so you can reduce the time it takes you to complete a project. Learn more about Quark Enterprise Solutions.

Note for developers: If you want to develop your own QuarkXPress XTensions or to integrate QuarkXPress in your existing publishing workflow solution, we provide the resources you need to meet specific customer and business requirements. To join our QuarkXPress developer program please contact us here to get detailed information.

Available QuarkXPress XTensions

XTensions software lets you add completely new features and functionality to QuarkXPress through software add-ins. You can choose from the hundreds of XTensions modules that are available now (some free, others available for purchase from third parties), or develop your own to fit a specific need. Below is a list of XTensions that have been upgraded to Version 2019.

Company XTension Description
Alter Ego Services Q++Studio Q++ Studio automates the typesetting of diaries and calendars (one year to the next, multi-lingual, customized, etc.). It uses your own QuarkXPress two-page sample layouts as input to generate diaries as industry-standard QuarkXPress files. Q++Studio supports QuarkXPress versions 5-2019)
axaio software GmbH MadeToPrint MadeToPrint for Quark XPress offers fast and faultless production of multiple output formats, e.g. PDF, by reducing errors through automation of repetitive, manual jobs and standardization of output settings. MadeToPrint comes in two automation versions: The Standard version allows one-click print and export of different formats to one or more targets. The Auto version is based on an hot folder mechanism, which guarantees a fully automated output without any manual operation and has a direct integration with QPP for an automated task-based output
Badia Software ExportTools Pro Export and Preflight Multiple InDesign and QuarkXPress Files.Split and Merge Documents. Extract Text and Pictures
FullMeasure 8 FullMeasure for QuarkXPress 2019 incorporates a complete picture list, that can be sorted by any image attribute, and customized to display the information you need.
ContactPage Pro ContactPage Pro is the easiest way to create professional-looking contact sheets of images with captions.
ExportTools Standard Exportools Standard automates exporting individual document pages or spreads into separate files.
BigPicture The professional picture manager. Search and relink missing links, export picture lists, rename links, multiple views, and more.
IDML Import Import IDML files into QuarkXPress.
Printools Batch printing, preflighting, rename at print, save to PS/PDF, and custom page slugs. All in one package.
Duplica Copy and paste multiple attributes at once.
Creationauts PDF Importer Pro Import a complete PDF document and convert it to QuarkXPress native objects
Image Info Saves you multiple clicks and, keep all your image details in sight
Spell Checker Now choose between the industry trusted Hunspell or your operating system Spell Checker engine. Support "check as you type" and all the Hunspell Language dictionaries.
Easypress Technologies Atomik Xport Atomik Xport is the fastest and easiest way to get content out of Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress into valid XML.
Em Software Inc Xdata Turn your raw structured data into finished documents
Xcatalog Connect your documents to your data and forget manual updating
Xtags Turn simple tagged text into complete, complex documents
Extensis Inc. Suitcase Fusion and Universal Type Server
QuarkXPress 2018 Compatibility
Gassenhuber Systementwicklung DATAform With DATAform you can set up a complete bi-directional connection between your database and your layout program on Mac OS or Windows. The DATAform add-on is a fully featured database publishing tool with three main features: create, export and update QuarkXPress documents.
InBetween Deutschland GmbH InBetween Database Publishing InBetween offers high performance Dynamic and Database Publishing and the fast, efficient and automated production of marketing and sales materials. The standard software InBetween utilizes structured data from existing data sources such as PIM, ERP, CRM or CMS systems for the rule-based creation of the most diversified publications. Fully integrated into QuarkXPress, companies can both fully automated and creatively produce materials such as catalogues, brochures, data sheets, price lists and flyers.
JoLauterbach Software GmbH BatchX Batch printing and PDF creation
JoLetter Mail and Merge with QuarkXPress
MediaBoxXT The MediaBoxXT is the perfect tool for creating PDF documents with QuarkXPress and Acrobat Distiller. All necessary settings can be combined in a print style and activated with one mouseclick.
JoDrop Easier image handling with QuarkXPress
ExportX Extended EPS/PDF-Export for QuarkXPress
ImageX Image palette for QuarkXPress
TypoX TypoX adds a palette with values for versal height, leading, line width and cursor position in mm
FontFilter Automatic font activation
JoData Catalog Production
Kytek Inc Autopage The most powerful XTension for automated page layout with QuarkXPress runs with QuarkXPress 10, 2017,2018 and 2019 on Mac OS X running Intel Macs. Save time laying out the pages of complex textbooks, yellow pages, directories, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals and trade books while producing structured QuarkXPress documents. Autopage creates QuarkXPress documents that are easily edited interactively while they can be viewed, edited and printed without the Autopage XTension.
Layout Ltd. ArabicXT ArabicXT for QuarkXPress allows user to write in all right to left languages, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish …
WillBit S.r.l. Automatic Pagination of Classified Ads


  • There are thousands of XTensions solutions for Quark software
  • XTensions enable you to customize Quark software to meet your exacting requirements
  • Support for Mac and Windows users across the globe
  • Solutions for workflow, productivity, text content, printing and more